Hair Extensions Vs SLK Nanoplasty ?

Hair Extensions Vs SLK Nanoplasty ?

Feb 16, 2024

Indeed, salon staff who are professionally trained can apply nanotechnology to extensions. It is crucial for them to handle extensions with care and avoid applying heat too close to the scalp.

Additionally,it’s also a great way to extend the life span of your hair extensions and a needed refresh !

The options are endless - if you choose to colour hair to match your extensions on the day just be sure to wash before applying the extensions to avoid any build up of products and making it sticky !


If your extentsions were existing and already applied then pop in with clean hair and have your nano applied as per normal procedure ! Just be careful to not pull /tug or apply heat to close to the scalp where the extentsions have been  applied .


Hair Integrity is important therefore treat your locks gently and your scalp preciously!

-don’t forget to invest in the right aftercare to suit your hair type !